Planning for Mental Health

When you are battling with your mental health it is common to feel like your head is messy and it is hard to think straight. There are a few simple planning ideas that can help improve your headspace and make life that little bit easier.

  1. Pick a day to do your planning for the week. Sunday is the most common day as it helps you head into a new week feeling a little more in control.
  2. Use a calendar or a diary and put in all your set appointments and commitments for the week. That way you know what you have on and where you may need help.
  3. Discuss with other family members what the week holds so everyone is on the same page, any issues are dealt with early and tasks such as pick ups and drop offs or meal preparation are delegated.
  4. Put your evening meals in for the week. Do not underestimate the power of meal planning. It is one less thing to think about when you know what is on the menu for dinner and is effective at reducing stress levels.
  5. Plan in self-care. Make appointments for ‘you’ time. This may include activities such as reading a book, having a bath, getting your nails done or taking yourself out for coffee. Ensure you have at least one self-care activity scheduled in your week.
  6. Create your to-do-list for the week and put it somewhere you will see it daily. Cross off tasks as completed – it is such a satisfying feeling getting to the end of the week with a to-do-list all marked as done.
  7. Schedule in movement time. Try not to look at it as exercise but as time to move your body to help your head. Schedule in a walk, nature walk, a swim or bike ride or maybe just some yoga or stretching. Keep it simple and pick something that you enjoy.

Remember that ‘winging it’ may seem the easier option but when you are really struggling, investing a small amount of time on a Sunday to plan your week can reap significant benefits for you and your family and your head will thank you!

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