I Am Empty

I am empty,

A hollow vessel,

Nothing can satiate the feeling of emptiness,

Disconnected, lonely, misunderstood.

Each day an effort,

As I put my mask in place,

To hide behind.

The war raging inside my head,

Leaves me broken and exhausted.

Feeling trapped,

In the cage I have built myself.

My identity everchanging,

Always just out of reach.

It is hard to feel hope,

When the beast you are fighting,

Blocks out the sun.

And it is in the dark,

My demons come out to play,

Dragging me down to the depths of hell.

I return with the morning light,

Bone weary and drained,

How do I face another day,

I am empty.

© Emma Pay – emmapay.org – @journeyofemz

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