Is it just me…..?

I am tired. Not your lack of sleep tired but a real bone deep weariness. Everything feels like an effort at the moment. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling the same? I blame COVID! It has filled up our social media feeds, it dominates the news, it dominates conversation in any social activity, it is in every other commercial on TV, it keeps turning up in my work emails and we even have a COVID update as part of our daily morning meeting. There is hand sanitiser on every surface, in every room, in every location and face masks are the new fashion accessory. It feels like every decision we make, any activity we do, COVID is part of it. I am forgetting what life was like before the ‘C’ word. As we head into our 4th year of a global pandemic, it is starting to take its toll. COVID fatigue is now more than just the aftermath of having the virus, it is affecting everyone. We are trying to learn to live with it but with a new variant appearing on a yearly basis, we just feel like we are getting a handle on things and then we find ourselves back in the chaos of re-adapting. We never used to think twice about making plans. Plans to travel, plans for a wedding, plans for a birthday dinner, plans to have friends over for a BBQ. Now making any plans has become a military exercise – weighing up risk, having to create a plan B, C, D & E and even then preparing yourself it might fall apart at the last minute. We have had to get creative, we have had to learn to accept disappointment, we have had to learn to survive separation from loved ones and resignation is now the new norm. We have seen the best and the worst of our fellow humans. There is no words of wisdom or 5 steps to survive a global pandemic. I think this is more about solidarity. Knowing that you are not alone in your weariness. Although our countries have handled outbreaks differently, we have all been touched by the fallout of this virus. I suppose it is important to remember, when you are really struggling, that you are not doing this by yourself, we are all in this together.

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