What’s my story?

A little about me…..I love cats, a good pot of tea, china teacups, my family, the ocean, nature, music, studying and books. I am interested in history, particularly ancient and love anything crime related.

I am a Registered Nurse that now works in Mental Health and is passionate about mental health education and support. I currently work in a community mental health setting as a clinician and spend my days supporting clients with a mental health illness to remain in the community or provide support to those that present for help during times of crisis.

I also love to write and have done regularly from a young age. Words on paper are my superpower, not so much spoken 🙂 I love to write on topics I am passionate about, I write stories, I write poetry, I write academic papers and I journal relentlessly.

With a background of personal mental health issues and my own trauma and being a carer for a loved one with a mental health illness, I find putting pen to paper cathartic and a way of unpacking and unravelling the mess in my head. I am creative in nature and writing is the way I express myself. I have found it a wonderful platform to reach people I may not otherwise have been able too. It is a way of sharing my knowledge and experience with others to assist them as they journey through life and navigate their own challenges.

My age? Let’s just say I have plenty of life experience but am nowhere near done yet.

I will share more of my journey and story along the way so stay tuned!

E x

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